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    We are a premium streetwear lifestyle brand. Started in the heart of Brooklyn, we pull our inspiration from the culture and gritty streets of NYC and pair with the chic trends of the Fashion World as we see fit through our eyes. Mc & Co. does not only sell clothes, but we sell a "lifestyle" of being free and defining your own "sexy" and "style". The majority of the styles we offer are "Unisex" because we do not believe that your "sense of style" should be boxed in or limited to, but we do carry both Men's and Women's apparel. Our collections are composed of capsule pieces that are produced in limited quantities to ensure the authenticity and exclusiveness of the brand and your look. Most of our production is done in-house, which means we handle each order with personal care. We also specialize in custom pieces! Email or direct message us on social media for more details.


     "Defining Your Own Sexy, Daring You to be Different" Follow Us On Instagram @MCCONYC and Tag Us in your picture #MCCONYC #DareToBeDifferent