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    For Black History Month we wanted to highlight designers and creatives of color who have inspired us along the journey. This week we are featuring the brand and founder Karl Kani.

       Karl Kani ,also known as Carl Williams, is an American Designer that grew up in the East Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. His style and creativity were influenced by hip-hop and the street culture, which at the time didn’t have a platform in “Fashion”. 

        At the age of 16, Karl Kani (self-taught) started making clothes for himself. The hype around his designs would then grow, and people would start making request. In 1989 he moved to Los Angeles to pursue and master his passion.



        Karl Kani is known for its iconic baggy pants by modifying the design of the pant. He also was the first to have a sales team of all “Black” employees, and for being the first to host a Fashion Show at the White House. 

         Karl Kani has caught the likes of many through the years and grown its reach overseas. With influences throughout 25 countries in Europe and 13 flagship stores in Japan, he has kept true to his authenticity and continues to serve as a blueprint for other upcoming Streetwear and Contemporary brands.

        You can also find us paying homage to East Flatbush in this season’s collection. We believe it's pioneers such as Karl Kani who have made Brooklyn and the neighborhoods who wegrew to love and respect so rich in its legacies and folk tale.